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Smith & Smith is committed to providing its clients with result-oriented, cost-effective legal representation. Originally founded by Harry J. Smith, Jr. in 1960, the firm remains dedicated to providing you with the type of service you expect and deserve. Of course, the other, and often most significant part of the relationship between attorney and client, is the issue of cost. Our suburban location is centrally located and keeps our overhead costs down, which allows us to offer our services at most competitive rates. Additionally, unlike some firms that use copiers, fax machines, express delivery services, and the like as independent "profit centers," our policy is to only bill actual costs for these services. As a result of our billing policies and rates, our clients are better able to control legal costs without sacrificing quality. Smith & Smith is here to serve you in a variety of areas of law, including family law, business planning, administrative law, estate planning, probate, wills and trusts, municipal law, residential and commercial real estate, land use and zoning law; and personal injury, worker's compensation, real estate tax appeals, and bankruptcy services through affiliated counsel.