Phone: (708) 456-8000
Open: Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM

River Grove Lions Club

PO Box 15
River Grove, Illinois 60171
(847) 867-4711
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Why join a Lions Club?

For Many Members, Lionism is a Transformational Experience. Being involved in Lionism is like a journey. People join Lions for many reasons. Some because they may have been helped by Lions, some because a family member or friend invited them, and some because it's part of their nature to volunteer.

Why be a River Grove Lion?     

Here are some  reasons:

* Make a difference in our community
*Enjoy a rewarding experience and Make new friends.
* Learn, grow, and share as a family. Lions clubs offer opportunities for families to volunteer together. 
* Develop young leaders. By engaging youth, Lions are helping to develop strong leaders for the future.