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Quasthoff's Florist

Katie Muellner


Quasthoff’s Florist
8125 Grand Ave,
River Grove IL 60171

The Quasthoff family opened the florist business in 1900 in Germany. The previous owners' Harry & Jeanne Schneider, are still very prominent in today's business.

Their first shop in the US opened on Rosehill across from the Rosehill Cemetery.

In the early 1930s, Quasthoff’s Flowers moved to River Grove.

In 1950 it was announced that different phone numbers were being released to the people of

River Grove & that is when Quasthoff’s got their famous phone number, 456-7890.

Katie has been with Quasthoff’s for 30 years this month. She was hired as a “store girl” in 1992.

Her favorite part of owning Quasthoff’s is the people.   “We help people in the happiest and saddest times of their lives. The customers I have helped are now friends and even family.”

Quasthoff sell flowers, plants, and giftware.  Recently the demand seems to be more flowers, so they do not have as much giftware as they have had in the past.  Quasthoff's sells a mix of everyday flowers such as get-well, birthdays & larger occasions such as showers, weddings, funerals & more.

Quasthoff has made some interesting things from flowers: Italian flags, plumber wrenches, Elvis, White Sox & Cubs logos.  When Katie’s Mom passed away, they spelled her name Annie in all red flowers.  The most expensive flower they have worked with is the Phalaenopsis orchid.  This past year they did a wedding focused mostly on the Phalaenopsis Orchids, and it was beautiful.



Quasthoff's Florist

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