Phone: (708) 456-8000
Open: Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Elmwood Park Currency Exchange

7300 W. Grand Ave.
Elmwood Park, Illinois 60707
(708) 453-7234
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The first neighborhood Currency Exchange in Illinois opened in 1937 to assist community residents with various financial needs. Over 75 years later, the number of neighborhood Currency Exchanges has grown to more than 350 locations. While more locations and services have been added over the years, our commitment to serving all members of each and every community has never changed.

When the first Currency Exchanges opened, they primarily cashed checks, while today, they offer a broad range of financial services that are convenient and useful to customers.

Currency Exchanges cash over 25 million checks annually and issues over 20 million money orders. Locations also offer domestic and international wire transfers through industry leader Western Union.