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KK Clean & Green

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Hello, my name is Kasia .. 15 years ago,  I was new to the Chicagoland area. When I first started, let me tell you, it was rough! I didn't even have a car and struggled to make ends meet. I std off working as many hours as possible for a local grocery store for many years. Still, it wasn't enough to support me and my two kids, leading me to begin my next chapter in the residential cleaning industry. My first job as a cleaning lady wasn't much better, but I worked very hard and learned all the ins and outs of the business. Then one day, the opportunity to start my cleaning venture began when the company owner I was working for asked me to buy her business from her. That was most definitely the turning point of my life. Instead of being the Employee, I was now my boss, so I guess it is true to what they say, hard work does pay off! Years later, I finally found the love of my life Kurtis, who also became my business partner; never have I met someone more trustworthy and dependable. Our mission is to make you, our new clients, and of course, our existing ones feel like we are just family when we are at your home.